Refugees welcome signs pop up in Brooklyn

Signs featuring the phrase, "Refugees are welcome here" are being spotted at Brooklyn stores.  One block has a bike shop, a wine store and a dog food supply store all sporting the signs.

Ari Wohlfeiler, Deputy Director of Jewish Voice For Peace, a group that supports Palestinian rights and claims Israel commits human-rights violations, says the posters are part of a larger campaign by the group to stop Islamaphobia in America.

Wohlfeiler says, "We been working in New York and actually around the country to stand up as a Jewish community against the rising tide of Islamaphobia in this country."

One way they are doing that is through the poster campaign. Wohlfeiler says thousands of posters have been hung in windows and stores around the country.

It's unclear how many businesses that are hanging the signs know anything about the group behind the posters.  NGO Monitor says the group's funding sources are not transparent and its website carries no information about its donors.

Jewish Voice for Peace supports boycotts of Israeli businesses and has been called an anti-Israel group by the Anti-Defamation League.

The group says the refugee campaign is not related to Donald Trump's comments about temporarily suspending immigration of Muslims.

"I think it is easy to talk about the presidential election but Islamaphobia has a much longer history in this country and I think we see it especially in the post-911 climate but idea is that it is easy and acceptable in society today to demonize Muslims for anything and everything," Wohlfeiler says.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created the hit Broadway show Hamilton, recently tweeted out a picture of one of the posters, saying "Seen at my local bodega. God bless. Good morning!"