Rent battle: Deli vs. landlord

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Brooklyn bodega, Jesse's Deli, is facing a rent hike.

After 30 years of renting the corner property, the landlord is raising their rent 150%.

The rent went from $4,000 to $10,000 a month.

In order to offset the steep increase, Jesse's is offering a bed in their store front window.

That's right, for $329 per night, renters can get a "private bedroom with lofty 14 foot ceilings, a chef style kitchen with toaster, meat slicer, and microwave."

This is the latest stunt by the bodega to call attention to high rent.

“People are coming here for their $4 sandwiches and $1 cups of coffee, you need those sorts of businesses in the neighborhood, and you know it’s the tail of two cities that Bill de Blasio was talking about in his election and hopefully actually Bill de Blasio will start listening to this and takes action on that,” DCX Growth Accelerator, Doug Cameron stated.

They're asking supporters to come by, rest their head and post a selfie to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag: #AirBnBodega. So far about 50 people have come down to help out.

The bodega first brought the city an "artisanal rent hike price sale" where they used their window space to advertise items like "artisanal roach bombs," and "Five Hour Slow Roasted Energy."