Revolutionary bookstore

The Revolution Books bookstore on Malcolm X Blvd in Harlem is a nonprofit run by volunteers who advocate for real revolution.

"The bookstore is at the center of a movement for an actual revolution, a political, a cultural, and an intellectual center of a movement for revolution," said Andy Zee, spokesperson for Revolution Books.

Zee took a large ad in the New York Times on Jan. 4 calling the Trump administration a Fascist Regime that needs to be stopped.

"Millions of people need to take to the streets," Zee says.  "We need to bring Washington to a halt. We aim to create a political crisis." 

He has started a Refuse Fascism group to promote protest and claims that some familiar people shave added their names to his group's roll call.  They include actor Ed Asner, comedian Margaret Cho, rapper Chuck D, and writer and professor Cornel West.