Revolutionary robotic suit

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Bionic legs are allowing Army veteran Gene Laureano, who suffered a spinal cord injury in 2001, to pop up to his feet with the push of a button.

A robotic, wearable exoskeleton allows paraplegics not only stand tall but walk.

Weighing at about50-pounds, the exoskeleton consists of leg braces, motors, Velcro straps, a wrist band remote control, a battery, and a computer that can sense when you move forward.

This robotic suit is called ReWalk created by ReWalk Robotics.

ReWalk is the only exoskeleton system that's FDA-approved for both rehabilitation and personal use.

An estimated 273,000 people in the U.S. have some kind of spinal cord injuries and about 2 miliion people in the country rely on wheelchairs.

Laureano, a ReWalk user, talked about the unintended benefits of getting back on his feet.

Both his core muscles are stronger and he has scaled back his use of prescription pain medication.

“I don’t know how, I’m a man of faith, lookin up ‘please somebody, this has to happen’. And when I went through this, then boom the miracle I’ve been looking for, there it is,” Laureano said.

The robotic legs open up so many new possibilities to people with spinal injuries.

The cost is $77,000. For more information visit