Rollerboards are the new Hoverboards

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The Rollerboard Company is getting ready to celebrate "Back to The Future" Day on Oct. 21 with their version of hoverboards.

Now in the movie, the hoverboards may be fiction, but was made it into a reality, sort of.

The company created motorized skate boards known as Rollerboards.

The Rollerboard headquarters are in Philadelphia where CEO Sanjay Mukherjee told Chasing News about their creation. 

"Our boards are a second generation what the means is that these boards are more stable, they’re easier to get on - off, learn. The learning curve is two minutes on average," Mukherjee said.   

The boards are made by different companies and some are even sold on the black market.

Using them is simple. You step on one foot at a time and by lightly shifting your body weight with your feet you travel forwards and backwards due to pressure points on the board itself, and you can even turn/spin around. Then to get off you just step off one foot at a time.

The prices range from about $995 - $1,500.

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