Saint Elizabeth School declared 'safe'

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Saint Elizabeth's Catholic Academy in Queens is the first school to be declared "safe" by Alert Incorporation.

Alert is on a mission to make every school in America a "safe school." 

Created in 2014, the nonprofit sent out 4,000 applications for schools to get their security measures upgraded for free.

The school now has 29 surveillance cameras as well as classroom doors with deadbolts and bulletproof walls.

The system partners up with local law enforcement which allows them to view the surveillance footage and spot a potential gunman in or near the building.

At the same time the safety measures are so discrete the 4-year-olds don’t even know they are there.

“Police have the ability to remotely view into it. The teachers have the ability to remotely log into it to see what’s going on so they know if there’s a threat in the building where to go, how to hide, and get the children safe,” Alert’s Operational Manager Adham Kaawar explained.

Saint Elizabeth's was the only school to agree to the offer and today the principal says he has no regrets.
Alert Inc. operates with private donations. 

The organization has about 100 schools interested in the "safe school" method.

If you are interested in donating to the cause, visit