Search for Eastbound killer

In December 2015, Chasing News and retired Trenton homicide detective Gary Britton went on the trail of the Eastbound Strangler: a serial killer who murdered four prostitutes in Atlantic City in 2006 and left their bodies in a shallow ditch behind a motel.

Britton had questions about a suspect he had encountered during an illegal gun investigation in the area he conducted as part of a federal task force: Dennis Gaskill. A criminal profile of Gaskill developed by master profiler John Kelly was a stunning match for Gaskill in multiple areas: so good that Kelly himself reached out to Chasing News.

"If this guy is a serial killer - and certainly he's a person of interest and must be eliminated - he has bodies elsewhere," Kelly said.

Gaskill killed himself in a Kokomo, Indiana jail in 2010, just before he was set to be extradited to New Jersey.

Kelly met with Britton to discuss the case and give advice about what to do next. And we wanted to ask Kelly about something specific: that the serial killer had a foot fetish, because the shoes and socks of his victims were removed.

"The reason we focused on the foot fetish is that the way the women were posed, their feet were on the embankment higher than their bodies," Kelly said.

It's still an open question whether Gaskill could be the Eastbound Strangler: much more investigation is required. Kelly's company STALK, Inc. - System to Apprehend Lethal Killers - is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a person in any one of the killings. The families of Barbara Breidor, Molly Jean Dilts, KIm Raffo and Tracy Ann Roberts still don't know who killed their loved ones.