Shed those extra pounds with a post-holiday cleanse

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It’s the season for all those wonderful holiday parties, which means lots of food and probably one too many drinks. 

But fast forward to the new year and you might have realized you've had a little too much fun.

At South Jersey Health and Body in Cherry Hill Dr. Danny Benenfeld says some people gain as much as 15 pounds over the holidays.

"People are eating more than normal and a lot of things that don't have nutrients," Benenfeld said.

He recommends people start by cleansing to get the toxins out of your body.  We also walked into his "spa" where he has a lot of cool equipment to help shed those pounds.

A machine called the Whole Body Vibration looks a little like an elliptical, but instead you step on it and it shakes. 

People get a workout with the machine doing all the work. 

Dr. Danny says 10 minutes on it is equivalent to 45 minutes at the gym.

The next step was to go into an infrared sauna.  The rays from the sauna remove toxins from your body.

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