Should aliens acquire a driver's license?

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Hundreds gathered on the steps of the NJ Statehouse Annex on Monday to demand full access to driver's licenses for illegal immigrants and undocumented applicants. 

The demonstration preceded committee hearings on Assembly Bill A4425 and S2925 that would permit undocumented immigrants to apply for driver's licenses in the Garden State, hearings that played to a full house in the budget committee room. 

Assemblywoman Annette Quijano, the bill's sponsor, called the meeting to order and several people testified to the need for the bill, citing increased road safety, increased insurance, and accountability as reasons.

Opponents of the bill testified as well. 

Some disagreed with the "spirit" of the bill, which they said effectively gives a "free pass" to undocumented immigrants. 

Others mentioned Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris wondering if the bill lowered security standards.

Proponents of the bill also say New Jersey would see more income from the fees generated at motor vehicle centers. 

Opponents also dislike the language of the bill, calling it "vague" and "hazy", and they say it's ill-written and badly timed.