Six Flag's Fright Fest raises the bar every year

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USA Today just voted it the No. 1 haunted attraction on the East Coast and its right here in New Jersey: the one and only, Fright Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson.

Chasing News went on a rather slow speed chase at Fright fest to see it all from the eyes of a zombie, the most popular creepy character this year.

The transformation into a Fright Fest character started with the application of a prosthetic, then comes the airbrushed makeup, followed by the fantastic wardrobe.

“We make about 800 foam latex pieces for this park alone and a few silicon masks as well.  And you know, we have 9 artists tough to process about 200 actors so we’re here all day, all day, it’s just a constant assembly line,” artist Tony Mandile said.

The characters are briefed on the rules -- including taking not more than three steps toward any park visitor when scaring them.

Members of the Fright Fest cast, many of whom are high school students, scare park goers for six hours a night, providing the ultimate undead experience.

Tickets to the elaborate production run about $69 and include admission to the park and all attractions, but this scary attraction is only available to park visitors through November 1st so get your tickets today!