Suspect from oldest unsolved murder case could face life in prison

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It's a case two decades in the making, still asking the question: Who killed 5-year-old Timmy Wiltsey? 

Michelle Lodzinski, the mother of Timmy, remains the top suspect in the case, arrested last year in Florida and charged with murder.

On Tuesday, she arrived in a New Brunswick courtroom, hands cuffed and feet chained, to fight her indictment.  Her lawyer contends the case lacks any substantial evidence.  

The murder is one of Middlesex County's oldest unsolved cases, dating to 1991. 

The kindergarten student reportedly disappeared from a Sayreville carnival. About a year later, investigators discovered his remains in Raritan Center in Edison.

Throughout the investigation, Lodzinski gave varying accounts of the events.

"Their point is and their position is that with this web of circumstantial evidence they can ask the jury to come to the conclusion that she did murder her son, and that's not a lead they make from inconsistent statements about the abduction itself," said Gerald Krovatin, Lodzinski's attorney.

In response, the prosecutor admits this case is based on circumstantial evidence but adds that's the only option.

The medical examiner could not identify what killed this boy, identifying him only by his teeth.

"We don't have to have a body to proceed with a homicide," Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor Christie Bevacqua said, "Judge, essentially, we have the remains but it tells us no information. We might as well not have a body.”

If convicted, Lodzinski faces life in prison.