Talk to the hair

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Donald Trump is killing it right now in the polls, leading the Republican pack for the nomination.

With all that attention, talk about his hair is at an all-time high.

There's a Twitter account devoted to just his hair, @DTrumpHair, and it has over 2,000 followers.

His hair made headlines when he allowed a woman to come on stage and touch it to prove that it's real.

This was in response to an LA radio host referring to Trump as "El hombre del peluquin" - the man of the toupee.

Danielle Grillo, owner of Transitions Hair Loss Solutions, specializing in hair solutions, has jumped to Trump's defense.

"Everyone's always talking about his hair from day 1 till now," Grillo said, "What gets me is that people say what a bad piece that is. It's not! Yeah, his hair is thinning and he combs it all sorts of ways to make it fuller but it's not a piece. It’s not a piece at all.”