Taxi graveyard in Brooklyn

A taxi garage in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is becoming a graveyard of unused cabs.

Employees at McGuinness Management Corp. say cab drivers are routinely quitting their posts and heading to Uber. The company is left with dozens of abandoned taxis with few places to park them.

Managers say the Taxi & Limousine Commission needs to enact stricter regulations for Uber.

"If these cabs don't go out, how am I going to pay the medallion owners? I need to make money so I can pay them. If the cabs don't go out I can't pay them," said Chris Harisopoulos, a McGuinness manager.

"It's very depressing. You see people waiting with phones in their hands and we can't pick up anyone. It's not fair because we paid a lot of money for medallions and Uber comes in and pays nothing. That hurts," said Anastasio, a medallion owner.

Streets are becoming a sea of yellow as employees park the cabs in free parking spaces throughout the neighborhood.

"Sometimes they just leave the car halfway out and nobody can get through they just don't care," one resident said.

Managers at this taxi garage, who lease the cabs from medallion owners, say they already reduced rent from $3,000 a month to about $2,800 a month. Meanwhile, TLC efforts to enforce new regulations on Uber are underway.