Tears for HS quarterback Evan Murray

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John Bamford's heart is hurting. "Sometimes you don't feel anything," he says, thinking of his friend Evan Murray, "Sometimes, you feel everything."

Murray, the Warren Hills High School football team's quarterback, died last weekend doing what he loved -- playing quarterback for the Warren Hills High School Blue Streaks -- playing for friends and family on a Washington Township Friday night.

No one expected it to be his final game.

He passed away shortly after being pulled from the game, after he complained of pain and passed out on the sideline.

Bamford, a longtime friend, says he went to the hospital to check on his friend's welfare, only to find out that Murray was gone. 

"He was our brother. That's what we'd always say.  Every time we left 'I love you like a brother',” Bamford stated.

Murray's death stunned an entire community--signs are all over Washington.

The medical examiner's report calls the death "accidental," citing massive internal bleeding from a lacerated spleen. 

Witnesses reported that Murray had sustained a number of hits during the game, so we visited noted physician Dr. Charles Simone to find out more. 

"If you get hit again -- like our young football player -- the spleen will rupture," said Simone, adding that, "This whole area will rupture -- and out will pour all of these blood cells."

Simone added that an enlarged spleen could be attributed to a number of maladies, including the common cold, and could easily be mistaken for gas or a cramp.

Murray’s funeral will be Thursday at 11am at Safe Discovery Church in Washington Township, with a viewing on Wednesday afternoon.