#ThankACop with pizza

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The owner of a renowned Hamilton pizza shop has decided to give back to the police who serve the community and he's getting a lot of surprising support for doing so.

Rick DeLorenzo, the latest generation heading up the family-run DeLorenzo's, which opened 75 years ago in Trenton, says any police officer in uniform gets to eat at his restaurant for free through September.

The idea was born out of the anger DeLorenzo feels for what he says is disrespect for the men and women in blue.

"'Kill the cops,' 'pigs in a blanket' stuff -- it just like infuriated me so much that I figured I'd do something in the total opposite direction," DeLorenzo said.

Though DeLorenzo said he has no idea what the month-long offer would cost him and doesn't care, a funny thing happened once news of his deal hit: Support from food companies came flooding in.

"I got an offer today for 25 cases of pepperoni from Liguria Food Company, yesterday Sorrento Cheese Company called me up and offered me four cases of mozzarella," he said.

Those 25 cases of pepperoni are enough to last the shop three months, DeLorenzo said.

Though police customers have not flooded in, business was brisk at the restaurant Wednesday afternoon.

DeLorenzo said he hopes many cops take advantage of the offer so he can thank him for the job they do.

"They're doing their job and they have to protect themselves, their lives are on the line every day," he said.