The $180 bird poop facial

Bird poop is typically something most people try to avoid.

Shizuka New York Day Spa, however, uses it in their Geisha Facial.

Now don't worry, it's not the stuff that comes from trash-eating pigeons. The Geisha Facial uses sterilized droppings that come from Japanese nightingales.

Spa owner, Shizuka Bernstein, explained why she offers the service.

"I'm Japanese and I'm trying to bring Japanese beauty secrets to the US," Bernstein said.

The nightingale droppings have naturally occurring enzymes that exfoliate the skin. They're sterilized using UV lights and come in a powder form. Bernstein takes the powder and mixes it with rice bran to form a paste.

A Geisha Facial costs $180 and lasts 60 minutes.