The Barnegat Bay Guardian

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There's an angel keeping an eye on the Jersey Shore.

"Big Al" Wutkowski is the Barnegat Bay Guardian, a retired fisherman who now saves wildlife stranded at sea.

“I get out on the Bay of course with the boat and try to educate the people about the rules and regulations to follow, and sometimes it’s tough, they don’t quite understand what I’m talking about and I just have to bring out some paperwork and read it to them and then all of a sudden they go ‘oh’,” Wutkowski explained.

It's a full-time volunteer position for the American Littoral Society, an environmental organization that only picks up during the winter.

Over the years, Wutkowski estimates he's spent $20,000 saving foxes, geese, and swans.

"People are finding out if you call Animal Control, they really can't get on the water," said Wutkowski, "They really don't have the equipment."

Neighbors all throughout the community call Wutkowski for help.

"I get a lot of calls now, pretty busy, 7 days a week, but I would love to have some help," Wutkowski said, "I would say if anyone is interested in helping get a hold of Littoral Society and let them know I'm getting a little older. Maybe someone wants to help, I'd appreciate it."