The "Dogfella"

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James Guiliani is not a typical animal rescue volunteer.

Born in Queens, NY, James spent almost 20 years involved with mob families.

Being a mob guy, Guiliani says, was his thing.

A day's pay for a day's night out. It was all about money and how quickly he could get it.

James went from a life of drugs, alcohol and prison, to rescuing animals and running a pet grooming shop.

He owes his career change to a stray shih tzu named Bruno he rescued 10 years ago.

"When he died, that's when I had my turning point," Guiliani said.

James realized that he shouldn't continue his mob lifestyle. Instead, he wanted to help more animals in the streets like Bruno.

For the past ten years, that's exactly what he has been doing.

If the animals are "un-adoptable" James personally keeps them in a shelter he created nearby, which he calls Misfit Island.  

The shelter currently homes 44 animals and inside the animals roam free and enjoy mob movies.