The ghost of Quinton-Alloway Road

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Quinton-Alloway Road in Salem County, NJ is long and straight.

You can go fast, but watch out for that curve.

Joe Farner has lived across from the curve for three decades. In that time, he says the curve has claimed scores of vehicles, lives as well, the latest being that of New Jersey State Trooper Eli McCarson.

"I heard like -- wet tires on the road screeching... wasn't really screeching... sliding, and then the impact. And there he was," Farner said.  

Trooper McCarson was killed last week as he drove west on Quinton-Alloway Road approaching Route 49. 

Police say he was rushing to a domestic dispute call when he went off the road at the curve and hit a utility pole.  He's not the first person to lose his life there.

Constance Wheeler has also lived near the curve for ten years. She says she knows of four people who've died there and aware of many more non-fatal crashes.

"A young man named Al Foster.  He died kind of at the beginning of spring on his motorcycle, right in that same area," Wheeler said.

She wonders why nothing's been done to prevent further mayhem. 

Chaser Hank Flynn reached out to the local Fraternal Order of Police, Salem County Freeholders and the State Department of Transportation for more information, but none was forthcoming by news time. 

State Troopers say that McCarson's accident remains under investigation. 

People who live at the curve on Quinton-Alloway Road, however, say they don't need any official word. They've seen plenty with their own eyes.