The high price of the pope's visit

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Scalpers are trying to make a quick buck by selling the free tickets given out to New Yorkers for Pope Francis’ procession through Central Park on Friday, Sept. 25.

Ads on sites like Craigslist and eBay have proliferated as the pope's visit draws near.

Prices online are averaging $250, but sellers are asking for up to $3,000 for a pair.

The listings say things like, "Be a part of history" and "Selling tickets for pope's Visit -- 2 for $1000 or best offer."

New York City along with the U.S. Secret Service are monitoring ticket sales sites to remove listings.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Catholic Church have condemned the sale of these free tickets. But some have a different perspective.

Nicole Slusher is one of the lucky 80,000 New Yorkers who got tickets to see the pope's Central Park procession, but she can't get out of work.

“I got a couple offers, you know anywhere from about $30 to $150 and someone had decided to donate to charity… and I said you know what I’m going to donate it myself,” Slusher explained.

Slusher put them online for $100 and said the money she gets from the sale will support the LGBT (The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) clinic on 13th Street.

“This is my choosing. I mean I know how the Catholic Church feels about homosexuality and stuff, and they’re a little more lackadaisical, I would say a little more open to it now, but still it’s like. It’s something that’s not really talked about too too much,” Slusher stated.