The last B-24 liberator in the sky

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According to the Collings Foundation, Witchcraft is the last air-worthy B-24 liberator in the world and it has landed in Trenton, New Jersey.

Veterans were out in force as the wings of the past flew into Ewing this week. 

Veterans like Norman Schwartz remembered seeing old warbirds like the B-24 Liberator coming home battered from battle, "I tell you when I saw them coming back with those kids all shot up – it’s unbelievable."

Nearly 19,000 B-24s were produced during World War II.  Despite those numbers, only this one remains airworthy.

Witchcraft’s Pilot, Jim Harley, says flying the old plane is an honor. 

"There's only 13 airframes known in existence and to be able to give veterans one more mission in it -- that's why we do it,” Harley stated.

From the tail-gunner's position in the rear to the bombardier's station under the pilots, the view is incredible, but a tight fit. 

The Collings Foundation's Wings of Freedom tour is also making stops in Cape May, Millville, and Morristown this month.

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