The other Dr. Phil uses acupuncture to transform lives

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There's another Dr. Phil who is a bit of a celebrity these days and he is also helping people, but instead of using TV interventions, he uses holistic medicine.

Dr. Philip Trigiani is an acupuncturist on the Upper West Side who has been getting rave reviews about how he identifies clients' pain and shows people how to work pain relief methods into their daily lives.

“It’s not me. It’s you that has the healing capability. It’s you, the patient that needs to be empowered. So the less I intervene as the therapist, the greater experience, the happier they are,” Dr. Trigiani explained.

From simply looking at a person to adjusting pressure points on their body this Dr. Phil has been known to transform lives.

“The idea is once you understand it. It’s up to you in consciousness to make a choice that’s going to change that, or correct that, or even wanna live with it, it’s ok too,” Dr. Trigiani stated.

Trigiani takes insurance and accepts clients from all walks of life with one stipulation.

He asks that a potential client be open to changing the way they approach their fitness, mindset, stress management, or overall lifestyle.