The pastor votes Trump

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They're called sellouts and prostitutes, ridiculed for meeting with Donald Trump.

But, that's not changing the minds of black clergy members choosing to endorse Trump for president.

"We've had policy. We've had the Great Society, we had Civil Rights, we had Affirmative Action. We had all those things and we're worse. We have a breakdown of morality and Trump is the man to heal that," said Pastor James David Manning of Atlah Church in Harlem.

The bad press largely stems from Trump's announcement that he had secured the endorsement of all 100 pastors scheduled to attend the meeting.
Turns out, not all of the pastors planning to attend would endorse the GOP candidate.

"The miscommunication was on my part," said Pastor Darrell Scott, the organizer of the meeting. "It originally began as a small meeting. Once word got out this meeting was going to happen we got phone calls and friends and friends who requested to attend. When I turned in the list of attendees, I didn't let the campaign know everyone who was coming did not intend to endorse."

Scott said Monday's meeting was a great success.