The queen of bounty hunters

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Michelle Esquenazi is a mother of four who is tough as nails, has fiery red hair, and built a bail bonds empire from scratch.

While Esquenazi was living off of welfare she also built her business known as, Empire Bail Bonds -- one of the biggest bond companies in New York City.

"I run the concrete jungle. This is NYC we're talking about here. I want them to see, yes, there's a tough side, but there's also a very humane side. We're helping people throughout New York that desperately need help. Not everybody arrested is a criminal," she explained.

Esquenazi runs Empire Bail Bonds and has caught criminals while wearing heels.

“If this is how I come dressed to work, then I’m not going to say ‘Excuse me can you just hold that thought? I gotta go put my flats on’,” Esquenazi said.

Esquenazi’s business has flourished to the point where she doesn’t chase fugitives herself.

“She likes her job to get done and this is what I do. You know 24 hours, 7 days a week, I’m hunting fugitives every day,” Bounty Hunter, James ‘Hollywood’ Carrion stated.

She is now the star of her own show on the Lifetime Movie Network "Queen of The Bounty Hunters", which premiered Sunday at 9:30 a.m.