The return of Sully the tortoise

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Sully the turtle busted out of his backyard pen a week ago Sunday. 

"He's a hundred-pound thing of -- bulk," said worried owner Laura Roerig, adding, "He just pushed, he’s pretty strong."

She’s been searching for about 5 days and even had flyers made.

Sully’s a lot quicker then he looks, weighs about 100 pounds, and is as big around as a laundry hamper.

He doesn't have many natural enemies, Laura said, except the weather, "Just the cold... yeah.  So I need to find him before it starts getting cold."

On Friday, at a workplace near Roerig’s house, Sully was spotted.

A sharp-eyed driver saw sully and immediately called the State Police.

Sully was found on the side of Baptist Road, about a mile from home and close to I-78.

“I was speechless, I was practically crying in my car,” Roerig said.

Tortoises live about high 100s - 200 years. Therefor,e Roerig’s children will be inheriting Sully and have been warned.