The skinniest house in NJ?

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In Manhattan it is part for the course to see some tiny apartments for some not so tiny price tags, but things have gotten a bit out of control.

There is a 100-square-foot apartment in Harlem listed at $1,275 a month.

Real estate agents get people into this tiny cell-like studios by listing them with clever slogans like "perfect for singles."

But in Bordentown, NJ, and perfect for a single family, is another tiny dwelling.

In fact, it is a house, the skinniest house in Jersey and Chasing News met the special family, Nicole and Josh Siegel, who calls it home. 

“When we first saw it, we came to look at it as a joke and then we walked out going ‘awe crap we like it’,” Josh said. “It’s very unique and there’s so many little spaces and things built in everywhere so every square inch is used.”

“People were trying to stand out front to see if they could touch side to side. So for privacy we invested in blinds,” Nicole said.

Far from the lights of the city the Siegel family's small space is still eight times bigger than the exorbitantly priced Harlem studio.

From the storage space above the steep staircase to the tiny half bath and the twin bed sized room that is the attic, they use every inch of their space in a productive way. And mirroring the motto of Bordentown, "The little City with a lot of charm."

This family sure packs a lot of it into their small space.