The war over Woodrow at Princeton University

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Members and supporters of the Princeton University student group Black Justice League walked out of class on Wednesday to protest racism at the school.

They showed up to the office of the university’s president at Nassau Hall to demand that the name of Woodrow Wilson be stripped off every building, program title and a mural in a dining hall be removed because, as they put it, Woodrow Wilson was a racist.

They also had a couple other demands in mind.

“The first is grappling with our university and country’s racist history, which includes slave holding and the active exclusion of black people on this campus. Secondly, it’s cultural commences training for professors who are not trained in sensitivity training regarding racial identity,” Princeton senior, Terrence said.

The students also want a dedicated place where African American students can feel safe and loved.

However, student protestors may face disciplinary action. 

Wilson has a long history here.  He was president of Princeton University from 1902 to 1910, then served as New Jersey's governor from 1911 to 1913 -- the year he entered the White House.

Wilson was a Democrat and was seen as progressive at the time but he also heavily supported segregation and slaveholding.

Members of the Black Justice League don't think that he should be recognized at all in 2015.

Thursday, about 20 members of the Black Justice League were still in the president's office after sleeping there overnight, and refuse to leave until their demands are met.