The word of whose God?

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A sign outside the Atlah Church in Harlem has stirred controversy.

This sign can be seen at the intersection of West 123rd Street & Lenox Avenue in Harlem, hanging on The Blood of Jesus Atlah World Missionary Church.

It reads: “The judge ruled the cross of Jesus & sign will not be moved. We won, we won, have a nice day you damned homos.”

Pastor James David Manning has been preaching at this church for the past 30 years. He likes to put up anti- gay messages outside his church.

“The bible does say that being a sodomite is an abominable practice worthy of death, Leviticus chapter 20 versus 13,” Pastor Manning explained.

Manning condemns the homosexual lifestyle during his church services. 

"The word of God, everybody. The word of John the Baptist. You tell me that I'm gonna abdicate this and listen to what some f****t says or some l*sbo who has some perverted interpretation? This is the word of God. Are you crazy? A preacher stands up in a pulpit and puts two faggots together, has he lost his mind? The word of God."

The city's Landmarks Preservation Commission took the matter to a judge who ruled against the pastor and his church.

The judge fined the church $1,850 for structural violations.

Manning doesn't blame the landmarks preservation commission. He believes its gays mounting a campaign against him by way of the commission.

“This sign has been here for over 10 years… It’s the Jesus haters, people that have recently moved into this community who wants the sign down. So they are employing the landmarks conservancy as a tool to try to get us to take it down,” Pastor Manning claimed.