Tinder for your dog

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With the surge of online dating and the success of Tinder, with roughly 50 million subscribers to date, this was only a matter of time.

TinDog, or Tinder for Dogs, helps dog owners find playmates for their pets.

Users download the app for free, input the pet's age, gender, and breed, and upload photos of the dog and the owner, if you choose to do so.

This app works just like Tinder, you have the choice to either swipe left or right.

Then, you’re thrown into a private conversation if the dog likes you back, where you can discuss to meet in a local park.

However, many are worried that people using this app may not have a dog and could just be using this as a last resort, since they didn’t have much luck finding love any other way.

“Well if it’s clear that they have a pet, I think, yeah that would be weird without a pet if you’re on a pet get-together website,” Dog owner, Matt, said.

TinDog founder and CEO Julien Muller says there are over 100,000 registered users thus far.

“Whether it’s building new friendships or even making a love connection, TinDog is a great way to expand your social circle with others who love man’s best friend just as much as you do,” Muller stated.

TinDog is available on the App Store and Google play.