Trump sticker photo goes viral

A photo of a Queens college student who displayed a Trump "Make America Great Again" sticker on her computer went viral on Twitter, stirring up emotions on both sides of the political debate.

On Wednesday, Clifford Durand, a St. John's University student, took a picture of Brianna Algazali seated at a table with her computer displaying a Trump sticker. He captioned the photo, "7000 retweets and i'll smash this b***h's computer."

Algazali reportedly conftonted Durand after she learned about the photo and demanded that he take it down. When he refused, she threw her tea in his face.

St. John's responded a request for comment saying: "Safety is the top priority at St. John's University. We are aware of an incident that occurred earlier today on campus and it is being addressed. Any student in violation of our Code of Conduct is subject to our conduct process."