Trump, the GOP front-runner, has united a range of voters

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Say what you want about Donald Trump; but, the GOP front-runner has united a range of voters who otherwise have little in common.

David Duke is a former Louisiana congressman who is also known for his ties to the Klu Klux Klan.
Duke hasn't quite endorsed Trump, but he applauds the Republican candidate for his tough talk on immigration and terrorism.

"I think that the founding principles of America are really being attacked and I think the European Americans are being driven by policy to become a minority in the nation that our people founded and created.  I think the appeal of Donald Trump is that he's giving a voice to a lot of people, including the values and the interests of the European American majority," Duke said.

Support from Duke has caused mainstream media including Politico, to link Trump to a spike in white supremacy across the nation.

The D.C.-based website says white supremacist websites have seen a 40 percent jump in traffic since the emergence of "The Donald."

But, that hasn't deterred some black voters. 

Pastor James David Manning of Harlem, whose own comments have been as extreme as Trump's, continues to support the candidate.

"Donald Trump's certainly not a white supremacist.  We know that.  And anyone can be called a racist, but they have a right to vote. I think what's happening in the black or African-American community is that we are seeing a truth that is resonating and, I've got to tell you there is a groundswell across Harlem for Donald Trump," Manning said.