Update: NJ couple finally returns home with premature twin

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Kim and Fred Spratt of Jackson, New Jersey, finally got to bring their baby Hayden home on Sunday after trying for four months in Portugal.

The Spratts took a babymoon to Portugal in May. The trip had been approved by doctors, but at just 24 weeks pregnant, Kim went into labor and delivered twins Hudson and Hayden.

Little Hudson died two weeks after birth, and the family had to stay in Portugal while Hayden built enough strength to make the return flight home.

On Sunday, Kim, Fred, and Hayden took a private medical flight home to Teterboro Airport in the United States.
Chasing News was there for their arrival.

After landing, Hayden and Kim were taken directly to the hospital in an ambulance.

Fred, Hayden’s father, spoke about his little girl.

“After our son passed, she had all of our pressure lying on her shoulders. If something would have happened to her it would have been devastating and she pulled through. She’s still here. She saved my life,” Fred explained.

Fred’s father explained what Portugal did for the family.

“I’m especially proud of the people in Portugal. What they did, they were amazing, and the country of Portugal should be proud of them. I mean I’m stuck in the state of New Jersey, I can’t get there, I can’t do anything, and they acted like a father for me,” Fred’s father stated.

Now that they are home, Hayden still has to stay in the hospital along with the family.

Therefore, a friend created a donation page on “Take Them a Meal” for the Spratts and we all can continue promoting their GofundMe page, their goal remains at $60K.