Video allegedly shows Paterson cop stirring up trouble

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Authorities are investigating two videos posted to YouTube. These videos show a man being held at gunpoint and kicked by a man who allegedly is a Paterson police officer.

"Off Duty South Paterson Cop Gone Wild” is the title of the recent video and it’s intense.

There are not many details surrounding these videos as of yet.

However, what is known is that this occurred around midnight on Sept. 24 on Main Street in South Paterson, New Jersey and is reportedly of an off-duty Paterson police officer in plain clothes, brandishing a handgun.

In the surveillance video, the officer can be seen ordering and kicking a man to the ground.

The cellphone video shows the cop searching for someone, pointing his gun at anyone around, threatening and concentrating on one man who he sits on the curb, searching for answers, then running after someone all while his gun is in his hand.

It is being reported that the son of the cop was stabbed just a few blocks from the scene in this video and the father, the alleged officer, is looking for who did it.

The Passaic Prosecutor’s Office is handling this investigation, but so far no charges have been pressed.

The officer in the videos remains unidentified.