VIDEO: Man shoots up, passes out on bus

As he rides on a SEPTA bus through Upper Darby PA, 25 year-old Michael Meeney shoots heroin into his arm and quickly collapses into the aisle. Concerned riders dial 911 and police rush aboard and revive Meeney using Narcan.

It's a representation of the American Heroin Epidemic in a video nutshell, and rarely has the problem been illustrated so clearly.

Joy Douglas runs Harwood House, the only halfway house for narcotics abusers in Upper Darby. She told Hank that she's seen a clear rise in heroin use over the last three years, especially among younger users. Michael Chitwood, the Upper Darby Police superintendent, said there is a need for better, more responsive programs to guide addicts toward recovery.

Meeney was arrested and charged with possession, since he allegedly had several packets of heroin on his person at the time of his arrest.