Wedding reception gone wrong

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Dana and Chris Katz Capone planned out their dream wedding, but it didn’t turn out the way they hoped it would.

It was an intimate event. About 35 of their closest family and friends attended the ceremony and reception.

They created a menu of fun foods such as a taco bar, slider bar, and eggplant parmesan balls, from a caterer they hired through a website called

The website hooked them up with a local caterer, MJ Smith, a personal chef, who made their entire menu. But, when the time came for the reception, they say the caterer never showed. 

“We actually found out about it a minute before the ceremony. I got a text saying, ‘We had a catastrophic tire blow out on 76… we will be there as soon as possible’ So I was able to make sort of a public announcement. And then we sort of delayed things. The crushing disappointment was when we walked into the room and it was like attending the funeral of someone in your office that you vaguely knew… It was echo-y and sad,” Dana  explained.

Guests were hungry and the couple didn’t know what to do. They were forced to have pizza delivered.

It was not exactly what they wanted the memories of their wedding to be. However, the couple has a great sense of humor. 

“Well there was booze. Right, so it was forgettable for some people. If there was no booze then there would have been violence,” Chris joked.

Dana, who is an attorney, looked into into MJ Smith’s past after what happened.  She found out he had theft and drug possession issues for the past 6 years.

There was back and forth contact between the couple and   But in the end, they were refunded their $500, plus $150 to cover the pizza delivery charges.