What does warm weather mean for NJ growers?

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It's been warm all week and some weather people say it's going to stay that way through the holidays.  

Gary Mount of Terhune Orchards in Lawrence explains what such conditions mean for Garden State growers. 

"People come here, they want the fruit," said Mount, plucking leaves from one of his apple trees.  "You can't say,'Oh, it was too warm in the fall.' You have to do what you can.”

Mount said weather changes present constant challenges to farmers, ones that need to be adjusted to, giving the last two years' cold winters as examples.

Doug Kale of Kale's Nursury and Landscape in Princeton said that if the warm temperatures prevail, then there could be consequences.  "If this keeps up beyond Christmas, then we're really looking at some problems with certain plant material." 

Kale added that rhododendrons and azaleas are vulnerable, and may not flower as much next year if their buds get frozen this year.

Growers constantly have to adjust to weather conditions all year round.