Woman claims Marla Maples stole her husband

Getting caught on the beach alone with Marla Maples destroyed Spencer Wagner's life, according to his ex-wife Mary Miller. Wagner was Trump's bodyguard while he and Maples were married.

We spoke to Wagner's ex-wife, Mary Miller, about how crossing Trump changed the bodyguard's life.

Miller explains that when Wagner was caught with Maples, she was already divorced from Wagner, but trying to work things out.

"I really believed he was innocent," Miller said. "He's a guy of integrity. He's a perfect gentleman. He really respected his boss which was Donald Trump at the time. He aspired to make him happy. He was his bodyguard and he was loyal to his boss so I never for a second thought he would cross that line."

Miller said Wagner had trouble finding work after Trump fired him.

"It really destroyed him emotionally because I think he really liked working for Donald Trump and I really believe that he was loyal to Trump. To think he would cross the line with his wife must have been really tough for him to handle," Miller said.

Wagner died of a drug overdose in 2012.