Woman goes to court for rescuing squirrels

Justice for George and Lola prevailed in Howell NJ. The woman charged after rescuing two baby squirrels that were abandoned by their mother in the summer had charges dismissed Wednesday.

Maria Vaccarella took off from her home with Chaser Ashley Johnson around 9 a.m. On the car ride Vaccarella said she was a little nervous but she knew in her heart she did the right thing. That was confirmed by supporters who joined Vaccarella with signs saying "you did the right thing" and "saving a life."

A little after 10 a.m., Vaccarella appeared before a judge, joined by her attorney Doris Lin who is also an animal rights activist. After a short period of a lot of legal jargon and the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife putting up a bit of an argument, the judge dismissed the charge of unauthorized possession of wildlife.

Vaccarella left court emotional and very happy. She then headed to the Chasing News studio to share her journey and battle for caring for George and Lola.