11-year-old shares marijuana-laced treats with classmates

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The Wise County Sheriff’s Office is looking into how an 11-year-old got a hold of some Rice Krispies treats laced with marijuana oil.

Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin says the fifth grader took marijuana-laced Rice Krispies treats to Seven Hills Elementary in Newark on Tuesday and shared them with four other students.

“I believe they all knew it had some content of a drug that would help make them drunk,” Akin said.

Northwest ISD says the students ate the treats Tuesday morning before school started. The sheriff says a teacher noticed something was wrong once the students got to class.

"They noticed the children's eyes were glassy, more laughter than usual, motors skills were impaired,” the sheriff said. “One of them became combative."

The school district sent a letter to parents, saying it’s never dealt with anything like this before and said they were shocked and saddened by what happened.

Akin says he's seen other edibles that look like cookies or candy but contain marijuana oil. He says many of those items come from Colorado, where the sale of marijuana is legal.

“Almost on a weekly basis, my deputies on patrol are intercepting edibles and other forms of marijuana coming into Texas on 287 from Colorado,” he explained.

The sheriff says two of the student were processed in the juvenile system but were not detained.

Investigators are looking at where the edibles came from. No arrests have been made.