18-wheeler stolen, Houston family devastated

"That's the main source that we used to provide for our family and it hurts I mean it's a big loss," says Cornelius Addison.

Standing in his living room, Addison shows us pictures of his brand new 18-wheeler, or at least the truck he did have until a few days ago.

"Tuesday I went up there Tuesday morning, I went up there to get my card and check out my truck and it was gone, I circled around the parking lot a couple times hoping that I was, you know, hallucinating," Addison says.

Immediately after, he called his wife. The couple has been together for 20 years and had saved up enough money so that Addison could have his very own truck. They made the purchase in January and having it stolen, was a big loss.

"You know, we're young and hardworking and for someone to come up and just take things and of course he's been strong but when I got off work I was just totally devastated, I just broke down because who would do something like that you know," April Addison says.

The couple checked local surveillance cameras and contacted Houston police, but still no luck. Addison says, "it was brown, sharp nose Peterbilt 388 aluminum wheels and it had tanking equipment on it for the hose."

His wife, April, says that their family is big on their faith and even mentioned how they have a Bible in each of their cars. Now they are having to lean on that same faith to get them through this difficult time.

"It really took me to gain my faith back again because you kind of turned into an angry person because like someone just taking from you, you don't always sacrifice, you don't know what our troubles or to accomplish things," says April Addison.

Recognize the truck? Call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.