3 dogs killed in Chandler house fire

In a short fifteen minutes, a homeowner found himself in a devastating position.

"On his way back, he was checking on w hat was going on and immediately saw flames coming out of his home," said Deanna Arroyo, with Ohana Animal Rescue.

Arroyo says the homeowner is a dedicated board member volunteer for the shelter. He was currently fostering 15 dogs. And those dogs were the first thing that came to his mind when he saw the flames.

"He immediately called me and said I think my home's on fire,"

As fire crews rushed to the home, so did Deanna and other volunteers to help get the dogs.

Fire crews pulled ten from the home, but two escaped and are believed to be running free.

"One is a 10-year-old German Shepherd female named Khloe, the other is a Cattle Shepherd Mix named Scout. She is incredibly fearful and shouldn't be handled without experience," said Arroyo.

Unfortunately, three of the dogs died in the fire.

"I was in tears many times, devastated when I had to identify the dogs," said Arroyo.

Arroyo says the volunteer whose home caught fire has been devoted to caring for the dogs and helping the shelter.

"He dedicates every weekend to our adoption events," said Arroyo.

Seven of the dogs who were under his car are now back at the shelter. Arroyo says they are very stressed because they know he's not there.