Downtown Orlando shooting: 7 hurt after fight ends with gunfire, police say

Seven people are hurt after a large fight ended with someone shooting into a crowd in downtown Orlando early Sunday, according to police. 

The Orlando Police Department said the shooting happened at 2 a.m. in the area of Wall Street Plaza – a complex of bars, restaurants and nightclubs – near South Orange Avenue, as the venues were closing. 

Police said it appears some victims were grazed by bullets. All are being treated at local hospitals.

"It was like a rampage. People were scattering all around. People were falling down. People were jumping over each other," Karen Dabrowski, a witness told FOX 35 News. "It was chaotic, because in the world we're living in today, you don't know what's gonna happen!"

Another witness, who wished to remain anonymous, heard the gunfire and saw one of the victims lying on a sidewalk. "I don't know how badly he was injured, but when I did look at him, he was laying on the sidewalk. He was alive, but he was not moving." 

The extent of the victims' injuries was not immediately known, but all were reportedly in stable condition, according to OPD.

Authorities do not have information regarding a suspect at this time.


"We're still in the preliminary stages, we're still checking any video, we're going to check our partner video, see if we get any help from that," OPD Chief Eric Smith said during an update shared on social media. "Our detectives are still just starting the investigation. We're still just getting started on this."

The shooting is the first major incident to happen since Smith assumed the role as chief following Orlando Rolón's retirement Friday.

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Investigators are working to learn who began shooting during a fight in downtown Orlando Sunday morning. 

Officers are asking any potential witnesses to call OPD at 911 or contact Crimeline to provide an anonymous tip by texting or dialing **8477(TIPS).

"The Orlando Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety of our residents, businesses, and visitors. We have increased safety measures and resources in the area and are already looking at increasing those resources and security measures further," the department said in a statement.