A day in the life of a chaser

Chaser Sibile Marcellus headed to Broadway to check out the Garment District Alliance's new public art offering.

The exhibit is a retrospective of sculptor Seward Johnson's works and stretches from 36th Street to 41st Street.

Normally the "Chasing News" chasers work alone, but on this special day Sibile shared tips for chasing the news, while using her cellphone and GoPro with Angel Torres, a 17-year-old high school student from Queens.

Angel is a fellow with PENCIL, a nonprofit organization that forges alliances between businesses and schools.

The program was called Boss For A Day, PENCIL Development Associate Deena Glucksman explained what the event entailed.

“...we’re sending our fellows, like Angel, out to businesses around the area so that Angel can meet with business leaders and see, you know, where you got your start, how your first job and internships were to show kind of what the different career pathways are for our fellows,” Glucksman stated.

When making their way down the streets of NYC, they admired the artwork and even interviewed a few people.

Among the sculptures installed along Broadway were "Forever Marilyn," "Return Visit," "God Bless America" and "Embracing Peace," the iconic WWII sailor and nurse sharing a kiss. 

The exhibit is on display through September 15th, 2015.