A Night to Shine

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Thousands of young people around the world had the night of their lives Friday. Night to Shine is a very special prom night for young people with special needs sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. The event was held at hundreds of churches around the world.

Northstar Church in Kennesaw hosted one of the events. Wearing party dresses and suits, the guests of honor made their way down the red carpet surrounded by paparazzi.

“I did my princess wave,” said Maya Adams wearing a beautiful purple gown.

Close to 400 volunteers escorted guests, took photos, and helped do hair, make-up and manicures. They wanted to make this night unforgettable.

“This community it's so important we're reaching out to them I feel like a lot of times they just get missed, and the fact that we can reach out to the special needs community in our area, it's such a blessing,” said Courtney Miller with Northstar Church.

The guests were treated to dinner. Of course there was music and lots of dancing. Deric Johnson was smiling from ear to ear and said he's never been to anything like this before. “This is my first big dance and I'm excited,” said Deric. On the dance floor he had all the moves, “no matter what keep dancing!” said Deric.

Before the night was over, each guest was crowned king and queen. The tiara on top of Faith Chance's head made her feel like royalty. “I am a princess in a fairy tale,” said Faith.

The Tim Tebow Foundation said more than 75,000 people attended Night to Shine parties around the world.

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