Accused hit-and-run killer's rant: "It's the devil's fault"

Murder defendant Mikese Morse’s bizarre rants were still available to watch on Instagram on Monday, a day after he allegedly targeted a family, seemingly at random. 

There are several gibberish posts that appear to have been created both before and after the hit-and-run crash, some of which are now part of that investigation.  

"It’s the devil’s fault. It’s all the devil’s fault," Morse says in one video.

Morse is accused of mowing down a father and his two kids while they rode their bikes on Sunday. The father was killed; the two boys are expected to survive.

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan says it was no accident. "This is not someone who veered off the road and was distracted driving. This was purposely done.”

In court this morning, Morse had on a long green smock usually worn by inmates on suicide watch. He didn't say a word as a judge ordered him to stay locked up until a bond hearing on Thursday.

Chief Dugan says Morse's erratic behavior was on full display two weeks ago when he walked into the police station behaving oddly.  He was Baker Acted on June 12.   

Digging into his past, at one time Morse was a rising track and field star at USF -- even becoming an All-American long jumper in 2008 and nearly securing a spot on Team USA for the Beijing Games.

He eventually graduated from the St. Pete campus with a degree in marketing.

But what happened to Morse between his college years to today is now under the police microscope.  

“He's someone who appears to be disturbed and the investigators are still piecing that together," Dugan added.