After ALS diagnosis, man builds spectacular Vikings snow sculpture in Mora, Minn.

Vikings fans are covering everything with purple pride – including snow.

One man in Mora, Minnesota, constructed a sculpture out of snow and ice to resemble the Viking's norseman. And he’s not letting a recent ALS diagnosis slow him down.

With just two tools, John McCallum made his masterpiece and good luck charm for Sunday. John started with a pile of snow a few days ago, armed with a few tools and bottles of spray paint.

"Three hours later, that's what happened," he said, pointing to the sculpture.

The father of six can build anything, but a devastating diagnosis last year has already affected his speech.

"It's tough, but it means everything to me. The more I can do and the more I can make my friends happy, the better it is," he said.

The disease has not diminished his creativity or love of outdoors. In fact, it was the perfect temperature for this huge Vikings fan to wear his lucky shirt; he says a trip to the Super Bowl would mean the world to him and his family.

"I live life to enjoy it. I hope they pull through. They will, they'll pull through for us," he said.

It’s another memory for the McCallum family to cherish as he continues to fight this disease.

"I'm not done yet. I've got tons of projects. My carousel may end up being a ship around it who knows. There's all sorts of ideas out here in this crowd," he said.