Alligator moves porch furniture in Bradenton

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It was a case of "who done it" in Bradenton when a husband and wife in woke up to find their patio furniture jumbled up near their front door -- until they checked the surveillance video. 

Turns out, it was a 6-foot-long alligator that rearranged the furniture. 

Mary Charbonneau said the gator could be seen on their home surveillance video making its way up to the front door, then getting its head stuck under the patio furniture.

The gator drags it around a bit before finally shaking it off and getting itself out of the situation. 

It appears the gator just wandered off to where it came from, but this encounter is keeping the homeowner's on their toes. "I was peeking around this morning making sure he wasn't back for a repeat," said Charbonneau's husband, Mike.