Alligator shows up at Tampa beach

A large alligator caused everyone to get out of the water at a dog park, but this one wasn't in a lake. It was at the beach.

Andrea Walker says she was at the dog park at Picnic Island in Tampa around 3 o'clock last Wednesday when the gator showed up. 

"Everyone pulled their dogs out of the water and watched as this gator cruised the shoreline for about an hour," she said. "You don't see that at the beach everyday."

So far this mating season, alligators have shown up under cars, in pools, at the door, and even window-shopping through a Florida strip mall. 

It's warming up and it's mating season, which means alligators are on the move. No injuries have been reported, but wildlife officials want to remind everyone to keep a safe distance from them and never, ever feed them.