Always tip your waitress

A waitress at D'Jais Bar and Grill in Belmar was shocked to find "LOL" written on the tip line of a receipt.

Jess Jones, a 20-year-old Rutgers University student trying to pay for her college education, is known by many customers and even the borough mayor as a hard worker.

But last week at the popular restaurant a party of eight took not tipping to a new level, at Jones' expense.
On the line below the $112 total, the customer patron wrote "LOL," or "laugh out loud," and next to it "one hour for food."

Jones posted a picture of the receipt to her Facebook page, blurring out any private information, and attached this note:

"I would have preferred a '$0' tip than a 'LOL' tip, but as a waitress, bad tips and harsh notes are all part of the job. Even though they did wait an hour to eat, they remained satisfied with filled drinks and proper notice that the kitchen was a bit busier than normal. I've worked in the service industry for five years and I take pride in providing great service for my customers."

Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty couldn't believe patrons could be so cruel to someone trying to earn college tuition money, calling the act "inappropriate and disrespectful."