An app for positive interactions among kids

An app called TBH lets users gossip about their friends without hurting any feelings. TBH is short for "to be honest." Word on the street is that the kids can't get enough of it.

The app is described as a game mixed with social media. I came to cheerleading practice in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, to learn more. The girls said all the interactions are positive and make them feel good.

Similar apps that allow users to engage anonymously have become popular with teens and tweens but often become tools for bullying.

For parents like Jennifer Angerson, it is refreshing to see an app encouraging students to say nice things anonymously.

"It's important to me that they aren't hurting each other with words because they can be used as weapons, as we know," Angerson said. "So it's nice to hear that it's positive."

It became the must-have app about a week ago. Yep, it is fresh and on some level that's part of the intrigue. Aside from the fun, Nava Silton, a psychologist, said it is a healthy exercise. She said that positive reinforcement is crucial to kids' social and emotional development.